Let's Reach
Underserved Communities

Health 360x is transforming healthcare for those that need it most.

Our Mission
We empower individuals to transform their lives through better health.

Health 360x is transforming clinical research with point of care access, for patients and providers in non academic practices serving predominant African Americans, and other patients who are traditionally underrepresented in industry and NIH clinical trials.

We are connecting patients, doctors and researchers to improve health outcomes of underserved populations.


Support patients with Chronic Diseases

In the US alone, six in 10 adults have a chronic illness. That is 125 million people.

Lets reach underserved communities

We focus heavily on predominant African American and traditionally underrepresented populations.

Minimize disparities in health

We focus our solutions and services on the populations and communities that need it most.

“I have seen first hand the human and economic devastation health disparities, across chronic diseases, such as heart disease, diabetes, cancer. I founded Health 360x to help change peoples lives.”

Elizabeth Ofili, MD, MPH, Founder of Health 360x
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