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We are driven to help improve lives, especially in hard to reach underserved communities.

Get the infrastructure support you need to do research

The Health 360x Research Network is partly funded by a NIH Small Business Innovation Research Award. The Network utilizes innovative technology to support:

  • Access to underserved urban and rural patients
  • Decentralized Clinical Trials
  • HIPAA compliant EMR access
  • Remote informed consent
  • Remote monitoring of study participants
  • Patient reported outcomes

Benefits of Joining Health 360x Research Network:

  • Standardized Site SOPs
  • Contracts/Budget Negotiation & Management
  • Superior metrics for recruitment and retention
  • Quicker study start-up
  • Better study reimbursement

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Research Partners

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Research Studies

AccuHealth Technologies Inc. and Health 360xTM Platform: Scaling Point of Care Clinical Trials for African Americans and other Under Represented Patients

Funded by: the National Center for Advancing Translational Science (NCATS) at the national Institutes of Health: Award # 1R44TR003832-01

AccuHealth Technologies Inc. and its Health 360xTM platform is transforming clinical research with point of care access, for patients and providers in non academic practices serving predominant African Americans, and other patients who are traditionally underrepresented in industry and NIH clinical trials. Over 2500 patients, including over 500 high risk African American patients, have used Health 360xTM remote monitoring to improve access to care and clinical outcomes. The Care-to-Research continuum identifies a value-based exchange of members between patient care and clinical research. To address the clinical research participation gap, Health 360xTM provides a de-centralized clinical trial model for engaging, recruiting and retaining patients in clinical research programs. We place significance on identifying and communicating the Return of Value to these patients, and research participants, to ensure not only retention but regimen compliance, good clinical practice and informed consent, as well as regulatory compliance.

For information please contact study principal investigator: Chamberlain Obialo, MD

The Association of Black Cardiologists (ABC) Cardiovascular Implementation Study (CVIS): A Research Registry Integrating Social Determinants to Support Care for Underserved Patients

CVIS is a comprehensive patient registry to address health disparities in patients with cardiovascular disease (CVD). The registry uses Health Level Seven standard called Fast Health Interoperability Resources (FHIR) technology with enhanced security, and Health 360x API to integrate real world data, including EHR data and patient reported outcomes(PRO). Health 360x enables remote patient monitoring designed to support quality care and patient engagement in clinical research.

CVIS is integrating Common Data Elements (CDE) and Social Determinants of Health Collection of the PhenX Toolkit which supports data sharing.

For more information please contact study principal investigator: Elizabeth Ofili, MD, MPH

Health 360x Culturally Congruent Care (C3) understands and integrates the importance of trusted care providers and communications that confront the historical mistrust of clinical research and the lack of access to the information that improves health literacy. See the TED talk by Priscilla Pemu, MD, which has over 2.1million views, and has been translated into 25 languages by TED editors.

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